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Why Protect Beacon Hill Park?

Beacon Hill Grassland Restoration Project (1992)

The area surrounding Beacon Hill, and in particular the south side of the hill, is one of the best known grassland areas in Victoria. It is an ecosystem that is identified by flowering plants such camas and brodiaea as well as native grasses, Garry Oak trees and native shrubs.

Over the years the ecosystem has become damaged due to mowing practices which have resulted in the area being cut before the seed of the native plants has set. The recent introduction of large-scale events will hasten its demise.

We are preparing a community project to restore some of the damaged areas surrounding Beacon Hill. Goals of our Restoration Project:

1. Prevent further damage by:

a) not mowing after the 2nd week in July

b) not allowing large-scale events to be held in native ecosystem areas.

2. Begin dispersed plantings of selected native plants.

3. Begin dispersed plantings of native grasses.

4. Begin concentrated planting of camas in several clearly defined sites on the south side of Beacon Hill.