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Help Preserve Beacon Hill Park


Send a Letter to Friends of Beacon Hill Park Society (FBHP) to Support the Current Court Case to Help Preserve Beacon Hill Park

April 23, 2021
We previously said the deadline to submit information was April 30th. It has now been extended to May 7th.

However, if you are not applying for full court participation but instead are going through the FBHP and our lawyer as explained below, submissions should be in by May 5th.

The FBHP would like people to know that the Notice published by the City of Victoria about the Beacon Hill Park Trust is to request that people or organizations who wish to formally appear in court and present evidence and formal legal arguments write to the City, to let the City know they wish to do this.

The Notice is not seeking your views on the use of the Park, or the Park Trust. The City is not soliciting input for any City decisions. Instead, the Court is seeking to know whether you wish to participate in the proceedings, and how to best manage that participation and has requested that the City collect the names of any individuals seeking such participation.

The FBHP have retained lawyers to represent the society, and to argue that the 1882 Trust that governs the Park does not permit use of the park for sheltering for individuals experiencing homelessness. If you share our views, and wish to ensure those views are fully and carefully presented and argued in court, we urge you to let FBHP know by email by clicking 'Contact Us' on lower left side of this page.

We ask that you keep your comments factual, brief and that you include your name and address. Lastly, we request you consider donating through the Friends of Beacon Hill Park GoFundMe page, to support the legal team.

Click here to donate:

Help Preserve Beacon Hill Park with a GoFundMe Fundraising Link