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Beacon Hill Birds

This list includes birds seen over the last few years on the annual December Christmas Bird Count and in late April/early May during Camas Day. Please note that the Camas Day walk only covers the area within the centre of the Park whereas the Christmas List includes the waterfront area as well.

(Updated May 2010)

Codes: A - April/May Camas Day, B - both, D - December Christmas Bird Count

  Canada GooseB
  Eurasian WigeonB
  American WigeonB
  Northern ShovelerD
  Ring-necked DuckA
  Lesser ScaupB
  Harlequin DuckD
  Surf ScoterD
  White-winged ScoterD
  Long-tailed DuckD
  Common GoldeneyeD
  Hooded MerganserB
  Common MerganserD
  Red-breasted MerganserD
  California QuailB
  Pacific LoonD
  Common LoonD
  Horned GrebeD
  Red-necked GrebeD
  Brandt's CormorantD
  Double-crested CormorantD
  Pelagic CormorantD
  Great Blue HeronB
  Bald EagleB
  Coopers HawkB
  Black OystercatcherD
  Black TurnstoneD
  Mew GullD
  California GullB
  Glaucous-winged GullB
  Pigeon GuillemotD
  Marbled MurreletD
  Rock PigeonB
  Anna's HummingbirdB
  Rufous HummingbirdA
  Belted KingfisherD
  Downy WoodpeckerB
  Northern FlickerD
  Olive-sided FlycatcherA
  Hammond's FlycatcherA
  Pacific-slope FlycatcherA
  Cassin's VireoA
  Warbling VireoA
  Northern ShrikeD
  Steller's JayD
  Northwestern CrowB
  Common RavenB
  Violet-green SwallowA
  Barn SwallowA
  Chestnut-backed ChickadeeB
  Red-breasted NuthatchB
  Brown CreeperB
  House WrenA
  Bewick's WrenB
  Pacific WrenB
  Golden-crowned KingletB
  Ruby-crowned KingletB
  Blue-gray GnatcatcherD    rare
  Hermit ThrushB
  American RobinB
  Varied ThrushB
  European StarlingB
  Cedar WaxwingB
  Orange-crowned WarblerB
  Yellow WarblerA
  Yellow-rumped WarblerB
  Black-throated Gray WarblerA
  Townsend's WarblerA
  Wilson's WarblerA
  Western TanagerA
  Spotted TowheeB
  Chipping SparrowA
  Savannah SparrowA
  Fox SparrowD
  Song SparrowB
  White-crowned SparrowA
  Golden-crowned SparrowB
  Brown-headed CowbirdA
  Dark-eyed JuncoB
  Purple FinchD
  House FinchB
  Red CrossbillB
  Pine SiskinB
  American GoldfinchA
  House SparrowD
  Total Species Observed A and B  59
  Total Species Observed D and B  72
  Total Species Observed  92

Below is a list of birds seen in the area of the Southeast Woods during the period of 1984 -1988 but not on recent Christmas or Camas Day Lists. This is not to say that they are no longer in the Park but just haven't been seen during those two periods of time. For more information on the Park Birds Survey done by John Cooper of the Royal British Columbia Museum in 1988/1989, follow this link.

  Sharp-shinned Hawk
  Red-tailed Hawk
  Peregrine Falcon
  Hairy Woodpecker
  Red-breasted Sapsucker
  Lincoln's Sparrow
  Evening Grosbeak

To report any additional bird sightings in the Park or along the waterfront or any significant ones such as a Peregrine Falcon or Merlin, please use the contact email address noted to the left of this page.